Were really gonna do this again

Just like before I read your tumblr and see something that upsets me and try to tell you your wrong but you won’t listen until I get angry and end up screaming ITS NOT YOUR FAULT ITS MINE I WAS THE PROBLEM NOT YOU EVERYTHING IS NOT YOUR FAULT YOU DIDNT PUSH ME AWAY I PUSHED YOU AWAY even right now your probably upset and I’m to blame like usual my father was right and he always will be, your only flaw was that you loved me to much

Why can’t you just let me burn like I should

You told me yourself you never want to see me again I’ve seen your tumblr its obvious you’ve moved on so why are you still here trying to help a lost cause, you’ve already given me more than enough chances now, so why won’t you just let me burn like I should why come back and take pity on something so worthless like me


No. Nonononono I don’t want to I don’t want to live in your heart I don’t fucking deserve it I don’t deserve a place in there don’t you get it yes I’m fucking hurt because I did the same thing Ive always done I got scared and ran you shouldn’t fucking care about me not even the slightest you should hate me you should hate my memory its what I deserve don’t you dare tell me I was never the problem cuz that’s biggest bullshit lie that’s ever been told in human fucking history I tore you apart you said it yourself before I took your heart and I didn’t just break it I shredded it don’t tell me I’m not to fucked up either because its the truth I’d be better off alone for the rest of my life than hurt another person like I did you than push someone else I care about away for being a coward I’ve been embracing the life I chose and you know how it feels? Empty all the celebration and the new job hell I even got a job that I’m going to Monday in the fucking Poconos and its all the same emotion, nothing. Nothingness. I smile on the outside but inside its so neutral and gray day and night its all the same hollow feeling walking around just going through the motions but you know what it’s what I chose and that it that’s how its going to be

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